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Experimented team

Men and women are selected rigorously to face any danger and pressure. Fully prepared for all situations, they are yours to ensure the safety of your guests, your clients, your family and of course yourself, whether at home or while traveling.

Close protection

BPS provides experienced close protection agents, mainly from a military background, who are capable of meeting your demands with a sense of professionalism, discretion and courtesy at all times.


Trained Chauffeurs

BPS provides highly trained chauffeurs, familiar with all forms of counter-terrorism and anti-kidnapping techniques, and trained in close protection. Your chauffeur can accompany you on foot as a close protection agent when required.

Courier Service for Valuable Consignments

BPS also provides a courier service for valuables items from small to larger objects such as jewellery, documents, parcels, vehicles. BPS guarantees optimal protection of your consignment from source to destination, in complete confidentiality.


Bodyguard and chauffeur for corporate managers. Close protection for businessmen, tourists and celebrities at the Cannes Festival. Bodyguard throughout the Cote d'Azur, St Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Monaco. Provence and Côte d'Azur security services for group guided tours. Bodyguard for athletes and VIPs during major events. Official missions support and escort. Managing security teams at concerts, events, gala evenings, clubs and conferences.

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